The Unconventional Strategy Firm

We help companies to understand emerging customer needs & expectations and shape business models, brand strategies and customer experiences to unlock future growth.

3 ways to engage with LHBS:

Jumpstart the invention process with new insights and ideas.

Research, strategy, ideation and implementation for a specific project or deliverable.

Multiple projects and long-term business transformation.

Our Expertise:

Business Development

That looks beyond existing business activity and identifies value propositions that align with current and emerging customer needs:

Business Model Innovation
Organizational Development

Brand Building

 Through seeing brands as business concepts that connect through content that people actually want to consume and content that actively serves commerce:

Brand Positioning
Content Marketing

Customer Experience

Online and offline that creates meaningful connections with people and point to opportunities for innovation to better engage and drive customer value:

Retail Experience
Service Experience

We help our clients to solve two fundamental questions in business:

We identify how market and technology trends across categories are influencing customer needs & expectations.

Understand Today.

We develop strategies and actionable ideas for business development, brand building and customer experiences.

Shape Tomorrow.

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Clients with whom we challenge conventions

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