Agile Appendix

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Here you can find all the additional information we refer to throughout the book, as well as some extra resources we think you'll find interesting. Enjoy!

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Cupcake Analogy

Created by Brandon Schauer, former CEO of Adaptive Path, this analogy was built around the idea of product development, keeping a successful customer experience at the forefront. Perfect for creating Minimum Viable Products in Agile Sprints.


12 Principles of the Agile Business Manifesto

Originating from the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, these principles were translated to be relevant in business contexts, so Agile working can be pursued by any business department without straying from the core values.

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Agile working model

The image representing the breakdown of what defines "Agile" has been adapted from Ahmed Sidky (a.k.a Dr Agile), The Agile Mindset. You can also find out more about the man himself here.

The MVP as one outcome of an Agile way of working was popularized by Eric Ries, a consultant and writer on startups. Check out this short video of Eric himself giving an introduction to the MVP concept. 

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Brainstorming technique: Quantity over quality

This might sound the exact opposite of what you want, but that's exactly the point. Ask for the opposite - get what you want.

This research explores how to get the most from a brainstorm / idea generation session: Main findings: 1. Tell embarrassing stories not proud moments 2. Ask for quantity and not quality to yield more, higher quality ideas.