Built For Your Business

Unlike typical trend spotters, the Inspiration-Hub separates the signals from the noise.

A platform is customized to the needs of your company. You select the categories to follow, together with a strategist in the LHBS team; including a consumer segment, specific industry, areas of technological innovation or a combination of all.


Tailored to You
The Inspiration-Hub is customized to the current and evolving needs of your organization

Quick Navigation
All signs in the Inspiration-Hub are concise, with only vital information and are tagged and categorized for quick searches

Easy Sharing
Export content as a PDF or PowerPoint File in one click and share with anyone

Works Anywhere
The Inspiration-Hub is compatible with your Computer, Smartphone or SmartTV

Newsletter Option
A regular newsletter allows you to share new hub content with email contacts

Innovation Guidance
LHBS Strategists highlights innovation opportunities, sparking new ideas with each content piece