Business Development:

Kezzler, a Norwegian company, is the inventor of an innovative bar code that helps manufacturers more effectively manage logistics and also helps consumers verify the authenticity of a product as protection against false branding.  We explored with the client opportunities for expanding the offer to new customer segments and expanding the business model. Together we interviewed marketing professionals from some of the biggest global brands about their pains and gains of brand activation initiatives. We discovered a new need that Kezzler could meet; the ability of their codes, coupled with mobile apps, to enable brands to design more powerful promotions and directly engage with audiences in real time for more effective direct marketing.

Fiegl+Spielberger is a family owned B2B telecoms company operating in Austria. IP-Technology had disrupted the business communication sector and allowed global companies like Cisco, Microsoft or Huawei to compete with the local service. Together, we reinvented the CommSystems department based on business model innovation and a new innovation roadmap. Having redefined the customer value proposition, today the ComSystem department delivers premium consulting and support services for clients. Its own innovation lab allows the company to create unique software and hardware solutions to outperform global out-of-the-box offerings.

HERMA is an adhesive producer who needed inspiration for innovation. Knowing that inspiration comes from outside your immediate business, we took the executives of the company on a Berlin Start-Up Tour to exchange ideas with some of the city's leading start-ups. The learnings and inspiration led to rethinking the areas and opportunities for innovation and the generation of new business models.