Brand Building:

Libresse is a Russian feminine care brand that suffered an "old aunt" image. Since Russian girls care more about style than function and most feminine care delivers a similar level of performance, we redesigned some features of the product: we changed the packaging from pink to black and renamed it  "Libresse Style." We introduced it to youth culture as an iconic fashion accessory and won an effectiveness award for most impact.

Libero from SCA is a leading global baby diaper brand. In Russia, when the "natural" trend was just emerging, we repositioned the full Libero portfolio under the umbrella "Science in Tune with Nature." This concept was a driver for communication and especially innovation.  

NIVEA wanted to own the mother-daughter relationship well before Mother’s Day and all the competitive content that would ensue. Based on the insight that "you become an adult not when you no longer have to listen to your mother, but when you realize she was right," we developed a global content platform #momwasright. Sourcing real stories from real women around the world, we generated over 15 million views on YouTube and drove young women to the #momwasright platform to watch, share and generate their own content with their friends and their moms.