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Some text introducing how we go about researching and maybe the number of dedicated team researchers etc.

+ Persona Research & Development

Identifying and understanding the expectations of specific customer segments based on the jobs-to-be-done framework:

  • Persona Canvas
  • Jobs-to-be-done Framework

+ Customer Journey Experience

Analysing the touch-points and the pain & gain gaps/opportunities during the company-customer interaction:

  • Customer Journey Framework
  • Pain/Gain Framework
  • Benchmarking to ‘best’ experience and gap analysis vs. existing and expected

+ Business & Tech Trend Research

Identifying emerging customer expectations best practices and of related industries via our unique Inspiration-Hub® platform and system:

  • Inspiration Hub®
  • 'Snapshot'-Reports
  • 'Near Future of'- Reports

+ Cross category competitive Research

Analysis of direct and indirect cross category competitors from a customer perspective:

  • Customer Value Analysis
  • Best in class examples


Some text talking about what innovation means to us and general methodologies for more successful innovation e.g. agile


+ Business Model Innovation

Invention and transformation of business models for a fast moving and digital environment

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Digital Transformation

+ Customer Value Proposition

Invention and refocus of customer-centric value propositions and offers (product, service, experience and communication)

  • Customer Value Proposition Framework
  • Customer Value Canvas®

+ Innovation Engine Development

Hands-on development and facilitation of client specific agile pilots to test minimum viable products :

  • Agile & Scrum Methodologies
  • Lean Management
  • Design Sprints

+ Performance Engine Optimization

Training and coaching of high performance teams to unlock the opportunities from new ways of working and scale innovations in a learning organization

  • Customer-centric organizational structure
  • Scaling of innovations and organizational learning



Some text about our specialities and the kind of previous projects we have done, maybe mention experience and favourite models

+ Marketing Strategy

Integrated marketing strategies that are based on digital ecosystems and advanced analytics

  • Dynamic Marketing Budgeting & Portfolio Management
  • Strategy Canvas®
  • Analytics Infrastructure Strategy

+ Brand Strategy

Actionable brand strategies that create relevance for customers and guide internal & external teams to develop distinctive communication campaigns

  • Agile Brand Positioning Model
  • Brand strategy operationalization and implementation
  • Brand Playbooks

+ Content Strategy

Integrated content strategies that combine hero content with ongoing hub activities and specific help content that customers want to consume and pass on

  • Hero-Hub-Help Content Strategy Model
  • Systematic Content Development Framework