Customer Experience

The Mercedes-Benz Salzufer dealership in Berlin is the the largest dealerships in Germany and one of the largest in the world for Mercedes-Benz. Once priding itself as being the "dealership of the future," the space and the service is no longer seen as innovative and cutting-edge. With benchmarking and gap analyses, we worked with the client to reinvent the possibilities along the customer journey in terms of search, shop, service, aesthetics and added value to redefine the experience of buying a car.

Lufthansa is a brand that not only cares about the experiences of their customers, but also of their crew. When cabin crew work long haul flights, their layovers last roughly four days. We worked together with the innovation team and 25 crew members to develop a crew up that would serve to help the team discover, connect, and simply get more out of the great locations they visit around the world.

Swisscom is a leading telco provider operating in Switzerland. The brand saw an opportunity to better understand the customer journey (specifically, the digital brand experience) from creating awareness, to online shopping and transactions. Based on ethnographic research into the customer experience with Swisscom vs. other digital experiences in the area of shopping, entertainment, information gathering, and customer service, we identified several opportunity areas for experience innovation. We then worked with the brand innovation team to redefine and enhance how customers experience digital services along their journey.