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A tailored dashboard of curated content. Saving time and helping your team to identify marketing opportunities faster.

These snapshot articles that we call “signs”, keep your company ahead of the learning curve and inspire ongoing innovation.


Discover, Be Inspired And Innovate

Consumer values and needs are evolving rapidly. Markets are dynamic and technology is developing at incredible speeds, creating opportunities and challenges on a daily basis.

LHBS Inspiration-Hub is a cloud based platform that keeps innovation leaders up to speed and inspired. You choose how often to receive content ("signs") and which categories are important to you.

Your team saves time and resources with instant access to cherry-picked insights. Our research spans all industries to bring you signs with the potential to impact your market.


Daimler Provide Self-Driving Cars To Uber


L’Oréal Backs Five Tech Start-Ups




Select Your Research Fields

Constantly monitoring how people, markets and technologies are evolving and identifying patterns of change, the LHBS team explores the following areas of research daily.

Your hub is tailored to your business with strategic recommendations by the LHBS team. You'll receive industry-specific content as well as interesting insights from other markets to inspire innovation.


Consumer Insights

+ Media Behavior

  • consumption
  • interaction
  • channels

+ Purchase Behavior

  • purchase journey insights
  • purchasing habits
  • preferences

+ Lifestyle Behavior

  • consumer lifestyles
  • generation dynamics
  • societal insights & shifts

Business Innovations

+ Products

  • physical products
  • digital products
  • hybrids

+ Services

  • online services
  • offline services
  • added value services

+ Ventures

  • new business opportunities
  • new revenue streams
  • new market opportunities


+ Advertising

  • classic advertising
  • mobile advertising
  • social advertising

+ Content Marketing

  • storytelling
  • formats
  • distribution innovation

+ CRM & Loyalty

  • relationship management
  • loyalty schemes
  • recruiting & retaining


+ Retail & POS

  • brick & mortar experience
  • pop-up experience
  • point of sale experience

+ Events

  • indoor events examples
  • outdoor events examples
  • engagement mechanics

+ Installations

  • real-life installations
  • digital installations
  • brand efforts outside POS


+ Sponsoring

  • public initiatives
  • special interest
  • smart solutions

+ Media & Brand Co-ops

  • brand collaborations
  • brand & media partnerships
  • media extensions

+ Influencer Marketing

  • brands & bloggers
  • celebrity outreach
  • new formats

Built For Your Business

Unlike typical trend spotters, the Inspiration-Hub separates the signals from the noise.

A platform is customized to the needs of your company. You select the categories to follow, together with a strategist in the LHBS team; including a consumer segment, specific industry, areas of technological innovation or a combination of all.