A Little More Conversation: Branding With Voice UI

Welcome to the latest in our Snapshot series. This issue explores the rise of voice technology, how brands are creating value with new customer experiences through employing voice and future potential.

How we use and interact with machines and software is changing. Some assumed it was a fad, but we’re now seeing voice technology infiltrating our businesses, mobiles, vehicles and now our homes.

Brands are adopting the idea that voice is here to stay, which brings with it a shift in user experience, and in turn, customer expectations of usability.

In this report we explore; 

  • What’s Happening - How is the voice tech market growing and being used today?
  • Best Practices - How are brands harnessing the rising demand for voice tech by creating new user experiences?
  • Future of Voice- Where will the potential of voice take brands & business?

If you want to explore how shifting customer expectations are potentially shaping your business, get in touch with us.

Everything You Thought About Customer Service & Loyalty Is Wrong

What we think about in customer service could be wrong, from what customers want to who’s the best personality for teams. Technology research firm Gartner Inc. (previously CEB) recently presented findings from a number of studies carried out within the realm of customer service across the world.

The research spanned many different industries and consisted of over 125,000 customers, over 5000 service representatives, over 100 companies and revealed three major findings;

  • Delight doesn't pay
  • They don't really want to talk to you
  • Make it effortless

We explore these findings and offer actionable steps and useful resources to begin customer service transformations within any company.



Customer Value: Domino's Strategy - From Pizza to Tech Giant

Domino’s has been seeing double digit growth for several consecutive quarters. The pizza chain has been outperforming giants such as Google or Facebook on the stock market.

What contributed to the success of this company, once simply known for bad pizza? How did the brand harness technology to embed itself into the lives of its customers by delivering a better experience?

Take a look at our report where we provide some background on Domino’s and explore their Customer Value Proposition using our CVP Canvas to identify the brand initiatives around product innovation, added-value services, shopping experience, and communication that contributed to a new success.

Report infographic


signmesh®: Be Inspired, Stay Ahead


Where great minds mesh: signmesh®


New, digital experiences are reshaping customer expectations across the board, while putting pressure on legacy organizations to keep ahead of the trends and remain innovative.  

How can your company adapt and thrive in this increasingly volatile market?

Introducing signmesh®, the latest tool inspiring the world's smartest and most innovative companies, to better understand today and more effectively shape tomorrow.


What is signmesh®?

A curated platform keeping you and your team up to date with emerging customer behavior and expectations, market dynamics and enabling technologies that can positively impact your business.  

How does signmesh® work?

signmesh® is updated daily with content, that we call signs of change, by our dedicated research team. You will receive the latest updates from around the world on consumer trends, innovation and best practices that are tailored to your organization's needs and interests.

Keep ahead of the times, read the signs!



signmesh® is a collaboration between LHBS and LOOP


About LHBS

LHBS is a marketing and innovation consultancy helping legacy companies to become more agile and customer-centric. We are a team of thinkers and doers based in Berlin and Copenhagen.

Our approach is simple: We believe that strategy needs to be framed as actions not words. Our hands on approach ensures that strategy leads to ideas that are realized to best deliver value to customers as well as the business.

We are passionate, we are inspired, we are excited by possibilities that are emerging in a changing and challenging business landscape. In short, we love what we do.

About LOOP

LOOP is an award winning interactive agency based in Salzburg with satellite offices in Copenhagen, Berlin, Sydney and New York City.

We work on outstanding online campaigns in web, social, content and mobile specializations. Over the last few years our brilliant team has done remarkable and innovative work for internationally recognised high-profile brands such as Puma, Audi, Corona, Red Bull and numerous others.


The Near Future of the On-Demand Economy

Services that create customer value today are services that easily adjust to customers rather than the other way around. On Demand does not have to live within the sole realm of ‘start ups’. After all, what defines an on-demand company in an era when technology and better customer service are a focus for every forward-thinking business? 

Despite the doomsaying, “on demand” is not going away. What is really dying is “on demand” as a category. It’s not unlike what happened with the “Internet economy” of the late 1990s. All those celebrated “Internet startups”? We have a word for them today: Businesses.