(R)evolution Of Sportswear

More than just practical, sportswear has a number of uses - from providing comfort and flexibility to a sense of belonging and pride.

Today, sportswear has well-and-truly broken out from the confines of the court and made its way to the streets to become ‘the new casual’ in the form of athleisure.

Fashion brands, technology businesses and famous faces are all becoming the new competitors for sportswear brands. We explore the culture shifts that brought us here, the most interesting and innovative case examples surrounding sportswear and begin to predict where it’ll be heading along with the meanings for brands.

New Era Of Brand Activism

How Patagonia Is Leading The Way

As consumer’s demands for transparency, sustainability and social responsibility of brands are rising, brands can no longer duck away as not doing anything can have real negative business impact. Consumers want brands to take a stand and do good.  The CSR powerhouse Patagonia is leading the way to a new era of brand activism.

How can brands adapt to this changing expectations and demands?

What can brands learn from industry CSR leaders? 

This Snapshot points out the increasing relevance of CSR in light of changing consumer expectations and explores the current best in class examples of brands rooted in a strong cause, followed by implications for brands.


How does your brand compare to other industry names?

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2018: The Year Of Brick-and-Click

Retail is undoubtedly reverting to “under construction”. Customer’s expectations are changing, malls and shops are closing down, others are opening up and doing better than ever. Many brands are investing in customer experience, shaping them into something unforgettable for their store visitors.

How should stores navigate all the trends? How can they ensure customer’s come back for more?

This Snapshot explores the current state of retail, where it is going, customers’ expectations and best practices along the customer journey followed by implications for retailers.


Spotify: Dominating Music In Real Time

Spotify: the largest on-demand music service in the world, and growing fast. They offer a “freemium” as well as a paid premium model, allowing users the option to avoid advertisements and listen offline.

Tens of millions of daily Spotify users generates data that gives Spotify a unique opportunity to develop their products and services based on user behavior.

This report will provide some background on Spotify and explore their Customer Value Proposition using our CVP Canvas. We will identify the brand initiatives surrounding product innovation, added-value services, shopping experience, and communication that contributed to a new success.



Report infographic


Influencers Now: The Current State Of Influencer Marketing

Ways of communicating have always evolved, only now they’re arriving faster than ever before. It’s becoming increasingly instantaneous, visual, authentic and personal in terms of the content being shared, and the younger generation need brands to keep up.

Online influencers are fitting the bill with their 24/7 presence, high engagement and openness of every aspect of their lives.


This snapshot evaluates the current state of Influencer Marketing to help inspire brands in how they could approach collaborations: 

  • Who are they? - Who are influencers? How powerful they are and what’s their job to be done?
  • Where are they? - Which platforms do influencers use? How are platforms changing along with the influencers?
  • How are they used?  - What are the best examples of how brands are working with influencers to achieve various marketing goals?

Report Infographic