6 Customer Experience Trends of 2017

We're sure you're also hearing "customer experience" everywhere. It's now a huge talking point for brands across industries, no longer confined to the customer service or design departments. The customer experience is everyone's responsibility, and the businesses realizing this are taking strides ahead of their competitors.

Daily research and working alongside a range of big-name clients means we're always on top of what's happening, giving us a great view of what's to come. 

Here we explore six of the biggest trends growing in popularity and being increasingly researched as potential areas for disruption this year.

They're the trends that are perhaps not announced and shouted about, but that we see becoming huge differentiators between the brands that stay relevant and resistant to changing expectations and evolving technologies in the near future, and the brands that come and go.

Begin bringing them into your branding talks sooner rather than later... 


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Touch-Point Technology: Transforming The Customer Journey

Technology has become a part of almost every day-to-day activity. Things are no different for how brands do business.  The customer journey has been transformed to address rising expectations in speed, precision, personalization and security through implementation of technologies at crucial touch-points, or the moments of interaction between the brand and the customer.

This snapshot explores three trends we see in today’s brands’ use of technology at touch-points along the customer journey: 

  • Reducing customer effort
  • Re-humanizing interactions
  • From responsive to predictive

Customer Value: giffgaff's Strategy - The Underdog Leading in CX

giffgaff’s network users are not only at the heart of their business, they are their business. A consistent brand image has brought them out on top in customer satisfaction in the UK, outperforming all competitors including O2, EE and Virgin.

How are they continuing to encourage and harness the power of a loyal and engaged community? How do they continue to deliver mutually beneficial value while staying true to their core values?

This report will introduce giffgaff’s core ideas, and explore their Customer Value Proposition using our CVP Canvas to identify the brand initiatives around product innovation, added-value services, shopping experience, and communication that contributed to exceptional customer experience.




From Wasted to Wellbeing: Fostering a Sense of Community in Festivals of Exercise

Festivals are rapidly shifting their focus from just giving an opportunity to party and drink to having more of a wellness character. Consumers still crave of connecting with friends and other peers and want to make unique experiences. However, trends like the health and wellness economy are changing their mindset towards how they define fun and a good time hanging out with friends. 

This snapshot explores wellness and fitness festivals from three different angels: 

  • fostering a sense of togetherness in a more digital, isolated world
  • leveraging the health consumer mindset of the “FitGen” 
  • providing unforgettable occasions to celebrate in the experience economy

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Report infographic


A Little More Conversation: Branding With Voice UI

Welcome to the latest in our Snapshot series. This issue explores the rise of voice technology, how brands are creating value with new customer experiences through employing voice and future potential.

How we use and interact with machines and software is changing. Some assumed it was a fad, but we’re now seeing voice technology infiltrating our businesses, mobiles, vehicles and now our homes.

Brands are adopting the idea that voice is here to stay, which brings with it a shift in user experience, and in turn, customer expectations of usability.

In this report we explore; 

  • What’s Happening - How is the voice tech market growing and being used today?
  • Best Practices - How are brands harnessing the rising demand for voice tech by creating new user experiences?
  • Future of Voice- Where will the potential of voice take brands & business?

If you want to explore how shifting customer expectations are potentially shaping your business, get in touch with us.