Planning with Data

Planning with Data 

How can you effectively use Data for Planning?

As Planners we have always concentrated on turning consumer research into valuable insights and using these insights to craft compelling brand stories. Today, with data being ubiquitous, it seems it has never been easier to translate our assumptions into a convincing argumentation. Yet, with all this information on hand, finding true value seems more difficult than ever before.

In our one-day training we want to explore how we as Planners, can effectively use search, user, and performance data from easy-to-access platforms such as Google and Facebook to uncover data-driven consumer insights. Learn how to incorporate ad-hoc research tools into your everyday work to build your strategic recommendations and drive creative work.

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First part: The nature of data-driven insights

How do today’s most progressive brands use data to tell their stories?

Second part: Data-driven ad-hoc research methods & tools 

What tools are available and how can you effectively use them to craft insights?

Third part: From data-points to storylines

How do you use your data to build a convincing argumentation and build compelling stories?

Who is it aimed at?

  • Strategic Planners
  • Account
  • Brand
  • Communication Managers

with 1-5 years of experience in classic and digital advertising agencies.


Joanna Bakas ,  Managing Partner at LHBS,  specialises in consumer insight driven brand and business strategies.

Joanna BakasManaging Partner at LHBS, specialises in consumer insight driven brand and business strategies.

Christoph Kayser ,  Consultant at LHBS,  specialises in developing marketing and customer experience strategies.

Christoph KayserConsultant at LHBS, specialises in developing marketing and customer experience strategies.


6th of August, Thursday 10am - 6pm (breakfast, lunch & snacks included)


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