Everything You Thought About Customer Service & Loyalty Is Wrong

What we think about in customer service could be wrong, from what customers want to who’s the best personality for teams. Research firm CEB (now part of Gartner) recently presented findings from a number of studies carried out within the realm of customer service across the world.

The research spanned many different industries and consisted of over 125,000 customers, over 5000 service representatives, over 100 companies and revealed three major findings;

  • Delight doesn't pay
  • They don't really want to talk to you
  • Make it effortless

We explore these findings and offer actionable steps and useful resources to begin customer service transformations within any company.



Case Study: Pokémon Go

Welcome to the next edition of our Case Study Report.

This time, we looked closer into the phenomenon of Pokémon Go.

This report seeks to identify the variety of factors that go into Pokémon Go’s massive success. Understanding the logics behind this global phenomenon is key to determining whether or not this success can be replicated, and if so, at what opportunity cost.

LHBS Study: Collecting and Sharing Insights

Today, having quick access to insights is a top priority for every innovation department in any industry.
Most innovation departments already have a system in place to craft, test and implement innovative ideas. But where do those ideas come from?

LHBS conducted a study on how companies collect, save and share valuable insights among team members. 

This global study, held in November 2015, was based on a survey distributed to 100 participants, both clients and service providers, including agencies and consultancies. 

The results are presented in this report. 

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The Toolbox Series: A Practical Guide to Business Modeling

The Business Model Canvas represents a valuable framework which is used by many small and big organizations all over the globe. With its flexible yet simple application, it has helped many companies to improve existing products, create new ones, and develop better strategies for the future.
When we work with clients, whether it is building up on and developing existing ideas, or completely innovating a business model, the canvas is one of the most used tools here at LHBS. Interestingly enough, despite most managers being aware of the canvas and with the vast amount of information about business modeling online— many organization still struggle and encounter difficulties in applying the Business Model Canvas to their company.

In order to solve the most commonly addressed issues, we have dedicated this installment of our ToolBox series to the Business Model Canvas. The ToolBox is a practical guide of the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW of business modeling— and aims to highlight and explain the most important aspects about the business development tool.

If you would like to learn more about the Business Model Canvas and its application, please feel free to get in touch with us. We also offer Business Modeling as well as Business Model Innovation Workshops, where we create new businesses and reinvent existing ones.
Tamara Stix, Consultant

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