Influencers Now: The Current State Of Influencer Marketing

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Ways of communicating have always evolved, only now they’re arriving faster than ever before. It’s becoming increasingly instantaneous, visual, authentic and personal in terms of the content being shared, and the younger generation need brands to keep up.

Online influencers are fitting the bill with their 24/7 presence, high engagement and openness of every aspect of their lives.

This snapshot evaluates the current state of Influencer Marketing to help inspire brands in how they could approach collaborations:

  • Who are they? – Who are influencers? How powerful they are and what’s their job to be done?
  • Where are they? – Which platforms do influencers use? How are platforms changing along with the influencers?
  • How are they used?  – What are the best examples of how brands are working with influencers to achieve various marketing goals?