Joanna Bakas: The Power Of Unlearning

It’s been nearly 21 years since the birth of the banner ad. The first ever, for AT&T did what all online advertising today should be doing - it delivered a valuable experience. That first banner which took people on a virtual tour of the world’s most incredible museums was an outlier.

Since then, we’ve not been able to let go of old paradigms in both the creative aspect of advertising, media buying and business models. We’re still competing for eyeballs and clicks and we’re doing it in a way that bombards people with useless information, destroys their user experience of consuming content online and people are getting tired, frustrated and simply choosing to opt out of advertising.

If we do not unlearn what we have learned from old content ad models, we will create a context that is neither good for users, media publishers and brands. This talk dives into this topic specifically and looks into what is happening, why is it happening and what might we do about it.

The keynote took place during Imagination Day 5 in Warsaw on October 29, 2015.

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