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Smart Home




project background

Austria’s Digitalization Starts At Home

A1 Austria came up with their mission to digitalize Austria and were exploring how best to bring it to life through new offerings for their customers. 


value delivered
to the client

Value delivered to the client

Project highlights


Fully functional product built within 11 months – including portfolio development, marketing, IT etc. (down from average time-to-market of 2+ years)


As of now, A1 Smart Home is the smart home supplier in Austria with the biggest number of paying customers


Helped A1 reduce churn through increased loyalty due to new smart home offer for existing customers 


Increased A1 customer base – more than 25% of Smart Home customers acquired were not previous A1 customers 


The Agile team is now permanent and working on new releases, plus more Agile teams are now tackling other concepts under the innovation opportunity of the home


Smart home team has become a benchmark for interdisciplinary and agile ways of working at A1 Austria


The proccess

The proccess

Project breakdown

The Challenge

The first steps to creating a solution to a challenge is to first understand the project challenges and scope and to clearly define important key questions. 

To research, identify and select the right opportunity spaces to digitalize Austria

To develop a sustainable business model to realize both goals:
– Bring a new Customer Value Proposition to life
– Finance it and deliver profit to shareholders

Create a success case for agile product development to promote a company-wide agile transformation, with digitalization being the key driver

What we did

Innovation Engine set-up

Agile coaching & facilitation

Innovation strategy & business model consulting

Ongoing customer research & innovation strategy consulting

End-to-end support from ideation to implementation (agile product development & launch)

Download the full client case study below to learn more about the project as well as details on the key phases of the agile development project – see this case of digitalization in action.




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