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Austria’s Digitalization Starts At Home

Status Quo Day 1 —

A1 Austria came up with their mission to digitalize Austria and was exploring how best to bring it to life through new offerings for their customers.

  • To research, identify and select the right opportunity spaces to digitalize Austria

  • To develop a sustainable business model to realize both goals:
    — Bring a new Customer Value Proposition to life
    — Finance it and deliver profit to shareholders

  • Create a success case for agile product development to promote a company-wide agile transformation
  • Introduced the right organizational setup to tackle the challenges & ensured understanding and unanimity amongst the team
    — Involved set up of an “innovation engine” to develop new offerings outside of “performance engine” constraints

  • Formed an interdisciplinary team to work on a project with end-to-end responsibility (team members from marketing, sales, project management, UX, technology, etc.)

  • Supported the team with innovation strategy and business model consulting

  • Coached team to introduce new ways of working (agile) and a customer-centric mindset (e.g. carrying out ongoing customer testing)

  • Selected Smart Home as the winning opportunity area to move forward with new offerings Supported release and testing of private beta and public beta

  • Launched full Smart Home product after 11 months

  • Continuous support for ongoing development of portfolio

  • Ongoing help with customer research and innovation strategy to keep increasing customer value

Value Delivered

— 01

Fully functional product built within 11 months – including portfolio development, marketing, IT etc. (down from average time-to-market of 2+ years)

— 02

As of now, A1 Smart Home is the smart home supplier in Austria with the biggest number of paying customers

— 03

Helped A1 reduce churn through increased loyalty due to new smart home offer for existing customers 

— 04

Increased A1 customer base – more than 25% of Smart Home customers acquired were not previous A1 customers 

— 05

The Agile team is now permanent and working on new releases, plus more Agile teams are now tackling other concepts under the innovation opportunity of the home

— 06

Smart home team has become a benchmark for interdisciplinary and agile ways of working at A1 Austria

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