Telstra: Strive To Serve & Know Customers Best

Take a look of how Telstra from Australia successfully and by small but meaningful innovations managed to turn around pretty disappointing customer experience in 2010 to an amazing one just five years later.

2010: One customer described how a simple task—moving his phone and fax lines to a new house—became a saga that involved making 30 phone calls and taking four different days off work for technician appointments. Worse still, one technician left half of the job undone, two didn’t arrive at all, and the other said his visit was unnecessary. “I am feeling angry,” he wrote to then-CEO David Thodey.

2015: One pleasantly surprised small business owner named Joyce Odom recently proclaimed her delight at Telstra’s service quality on a Facebook post: “Has anyone ever heard of having a direct line into a telco, let alone into a professional and lateral- thinking representative?”

Get inspired on how to become truly customer centric with Telstra’s quest to build deeper connections with their customers.

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