The Near Future Of Added Value Services In CPGs

The marketing landscape has changed. It’s a simple fact that classic advertising based on one-way messages has become less effective. Consumers are exposed to too many messages, have too many options and are increasingly looking to brands to deliver real value and not just promised benefits.

Digital transformation has created a scalable opportunity for brands to create and deliver real consumer value and utility.

While many lifestyle brands have jumped on this concept early on e.g. Nike, Consumer Packaged Goods have largely been using digital for communication only.

Brands are integrated platforms that appeal to consumers through the combination of core product and communication but also need to add a service and an experience layer to the full brand offer.

The greater opportunity for Consumer Packaged Goods is to not only ask “what can we do in digital” but also “what can we do with digital” in order to get closer to consumers and help them out.

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