6 Customer Experience Trends Of 2017

We're sure you're also hearing "customer experience" everywhere. It's now a huge talking point for brands across industries, no longer confined to the customer service or design departments. The customer experience is everyone's responsibility, and the businesses realizing this are taking strides ahead of their competitors.

Daily research and working alongside a range of big-name clients means we’re always on top of what’s happening, giving us a great view of what’s to come.

Here we explore six of the biggest trends growing in popularity and being increasingly researched as potential areas for disruption this year.

They’re the trends that are perhaps not announced and shouted about, but that we see becoming huge differentiators between the brands that stay relevant and resistant to changing expectations and evolving technologies in the near future, and the brands that come and go.

Begin bringing them into your branding talks sooner rather than later…

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