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When people think about FinTech, they often look to the US and Europe, focusing on complex solutions like blockchain, challenger banking, and payment systems. However, Asia has adopted a different relationship with FinTech.

Throughout the continent, Super Apps have gained traction by bundling a suite of must-have services designed to satisfy users daily needs. As a result, Asia’s FinTechs boast millions of daily active users and rapid growth rates.

The common thread between these Super Apps? Convenience. Unlike apps in Europe, these Super Apps have realized that to provide true convenience, apps must integrate a wide variety of services that users can’t live without.

From a business perspective, Super Apps offer diverse revenues streams and cross-selling opportunities as well as recurring revenue from platform reliance and nuanced data snapshots of users.

In this report, we introduce you to four of the biggest players in the region and highlight how these companies are pioneering FinTech innovation, not just in the region, but on a global scale. We also show you how they build the robust Super App ecosystems that draw users in and never let them go.

What you can expect:

  • Deep dive into Asia’s FinTech landscape
  • Case examples from Asia’s biggest apps
  • Tips on how to increase customer lifetime value
  • Potential pitfalls to watch out for

Asia is the world leader in FinTech, with 34 of the top 100 FinTechs coming from the continent, including the world’s number one: Alipay.

Discover the secret to Asia’s FinTech success and learn how you can create a 100 million user FinTech product.
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